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Stadt Meißen
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Church of our Lady

Church of our Lady
"Church of our dear Ladies" was the original name of the medieval chapel on the market, whose first documented evidence dates back to 1205. Over a period of nine centuries the chapel evolved into a town church which still shapes the townscape today and enriches the intellectual and cultural environment of the town. The construction of the Gothic hall church, which still in greater part exists today, was completed around 1450. The construction of the church reflects the growth of the late medieval town and the economic upswing of the guilds. The Albrechtsburg Castle and the Meißen Town Hall were also constructed during this same period.

The tower of the Church of our Lady, which rises above the town buildings, creates an impressive contrast to the Cathedral and the Castle on top of the castle hill. In one of the Gothic window openings of the tower you can see the world's first carillon made of Meissen porcelain. Since 1929, tourists have enjoyed listening to the daily performances of the church chorales played on the tunable porcelain bells. In future, the Meißen Frauenkirche will house the world's first church organ with stops made of Meissen porcelain.

An der Frauenkirche 11, 01662 Meißen

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