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Spreewald Forest

Only about 100 kilometers away, the Spreewald Forest is a near enough attraction for a pleasant day visit from Meißen.

Known as "cucumber country", this tract of land, in which the Spree suddenly loses itself in hundreds of waterways, has far more to offer than the "Spreewälder Gurken" (Spreewald cucumbers). As a UNESCO biosphere reserve, Spreewald is a uniquely preserved habitat for countless species of animals and plants, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. Here you can discover a landscape without an equal anywhere in Europe. The region is crisscrossed by a dense network of streams. They meander and flow through high, mysterious-looking forests, little meadows and fields. Formerly the main mode of transport, the typical barges are comfortably appointed today and serve to show our visitors a view of Spreewald from the water. Keen boating enthusiasts can explore the natural labyrinth of streams by canoe or kayak. There are some 200 navigable waterways and rest areas for boat trippers. The flat Spreewald landscape is absolutely ideal for cycling. A dense network of cycling and walking trails covers a total distance of over 1,000 kilometers. Bilingual place names (German, Sorbian), customs and the Spreewald women in traditional costume make one thing clear: Spreewald is part of the area settled by the Sorbs/Wends in Lusatia. Their language and culture have been preserved here, which also makes Spreewald a very special place.

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