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Torgau - The town of Renaissance and Reformation

Torgau - Hartenfels castle
The town of Torgau gained worldwide prominence when American and Soviet forces met on the Elbe at Torgau in April 1945 before the official end of the Second World War. The Memorial of the Encounter commemorates this event.

The historic town center with more than 500 different monuments has preserved the splendor of the former electoral town and invites the visitor to an imaginary journey into Renaissance times. Surrounded by noble patrician houses and its Renaissance-era town hall, the marketplace is an impressive sight to see for any visitor travelling though.

Hartenfels Castle -The Großer Wendelstein, the spiral staircase just outside Hartenfels Castle designed by architect Konrad Krebs is worth climbing. Without a central pole, the spiral staircase is self supporting.

The castle church (also a castle chapel) is the first Protestant church building in which the doctrine of the Reformation was realized in architecture and art. Martin Luther consecrated the church on October 5, 1544.

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