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Riesa – the gigantic legend!

Riesa monastery church
Riesa, the city with the emblem of the giant. From his perch, high up on the city crest, the giant has always had the best view overlooking everything that has taken place in the changing history of this city.

At the beginning, it was fairly quiet behind the thick monastery walls, but it became louder as the wheezing steam locomotives heralded the boom of Riesa. The iron hammer plant, founded in 1843, led the city to develop into an important industrial site. But also in recent times, Riesa has experienced some great events. It has developed into a famous meeting place for sports stars from around the world. In Riesa, the city of sport, one becomes a world champion - something nobody dared to dream about earlier - today is a reality.

In 1119, the monastery was founded and sanctified by the Bishop of Naumburg and it is thus the oldest in the Meißen area. Many parts of the monastery have been carefully restored and now include the popular attractions of the Elbe aquarium and the city zoo.

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